After a bath tub has been refinished, it is important to maintain the bathtub

Hiring a remodeler to fix a damaged tub is cheaper than purchasing a new one read more here. Follow the instructions for proper care if you want your bathtub to continue to perform as expected after the reglazing procedure. It is recommended that the bathtub be left to cure for at least 48-hours before using. If the bath is used prematurely, the finish may be damaged.

No soap bars or bottles should be placed at the edge of the tub if it has been used after the initial waiting period. This can cause water to be trapped on the surface, eroding the glass. You can purchase holders that hang in the shower or bath to store soaps and conditioners. They will stay close, but not damage the refinishing. Bathmats and wet towels may also cause excessive moisture exposure. Rugs that hang above the edge of the bathtub can also cause this.

Abrasive cleaners should not be used on the new surface. Use nonabrasive liquids, gels, or foams that are specifically designed to clean porcelain or fiberglass surfaces. To prevent soap scum from building up on the surface of your bathtub, it is essential to clean it regularly. Even if there is no dirt visible, cleaning the tub regularly can prevent soap scum from accumulating. If soap scum is a problem, you can use a nylon-net brush or soft plastic brush to remove it without damaging the surface of your tub. If you have oily residues on your tub after reglazing, a cheap shampoo with a nylon-paddled scrubber will work best.

A new finish can sometimes make the tub slippery. In this case, a non-suction pad should be used. If they are suction-cupped, then the mats can damage the surface. You shouldn’t leave them on for too long. After use, they must be taken off and not left hanging.

Fix any leaky faucets in your bathtub as soon as possible. The surface of a tub that drips will be damaged quickly. Mineral deposits can also cause visible surface damage.

With a little care, an old bathtub can be transformed into a new one. They can be made of porcelain or fiberglass. Refinishing ceramic tile, shower walls, and surrounds is also possible. If you are looking to change the colour of your tub, or cover up any damage that has occurred in it, then look for a refinisher who offers a warranty on their services.

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