Aging and Disability Services

Adults become more dependent on others to help them with daily tasks, as well as to keep their health in good condition. It can be difficult for the children of elderly parents to find quality and dignified care. Although some adult children can no longer care for their elderly parents in their own homes, others may be reluctant to send their parents to a nursing home. There are many other options for elderly people that can offer the support they need to remain independent and stay healthy. Come and visit our website search it on disability support Melbourne you can learn more.


Homecare, also known as in-home, is the provision of senior care within the home. One to seven days a weeks, a nurse or other in-home caregiver will visit the home to help residents with their daily needs. They can assist them with dressing, taking medication, cooking, cleaning, and even light cleaning. The senior resident can live comfortably in their own home and is no longer dependent on others. You can also request homecare services for people who aren’t yet old but are still recovering from surgery, or who are pregnant.

Assisted Living Facilities

These elderly living facilities allow seniors to live in their own homes while providing basic amenities such as meals, laundry, cleaning, medication reminders, and extracurricular activities. Many seniors in these areas live in their own homes while the staff visits them throughout the week to help with their daily chores. Residents who receive these services can participate in community events like mixers, fitness classes and other social engagements.

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