An Electronic Water Descaler: The Benefits

More than 60% suffer from the effects hard water*. What is hardwater? more help?

Hard water refers to water with high amounts of dissolved mineral, particularly calcium and magnesium. While it does not pose a risk to your health, it can be a problem for many other reasons.

There are many problems that come with living in an area of hard water.

Hard water can cause soap, shampoo, detergent, and shampoo performance to be less effective. This causes soap/detergent/ shampoo to produce less lather. This is dangerous for the environment.

Your hair may appear dull.

Skin feels dry.

Clothes are harder to clean.

The appearance of coarse fabrics can be caused by deposits of scum.

Scale mixed with soap makes scum. It sticks to tiles, basins, taps and other surfaces making cleaning more difficult and costly.

Hidden costs

Hard water heated can create scale deposits at a rate up to 1.5mm per year. Boilers, tanks and pipes can suffer as a result. Statistics from the government show that 6mm of scale could reduce your heating system’s efficiency by up to 38%. This has obvious economic and environmental consequences. The average domestic boiler can cost more than PS1,000 to repair.

The performance and lifespan of household appliances that heat water (e.g. your iron, dishwasher, and washer) is affected by limescale buildup. This has an impact on the cost of running your home.

Limescale removers, fabric softeners, and detergents can cost more than PS200 per a year. If you live in a hardwater area, your washing machine might need five times more soap and up to 30% less detergent.

How to reduce the impact of hard water

Use the right detergents and soaps.

Set your dishwasher, washing machine and boiler to a lower temperature.

Use an electronic scaler to soften your water.

Benefits of an electronic water scaler

You can significantly reduce the “scum” marks on your sinks, baths, and kettles.

Water softening is possible without the use of chemicals.

No moving parts. Simply fit and forget.

Regular refilling and maintenance are not necessary.

Self-monitoring can be used to identify system problems, both internal and external.

Do not use any more environmentally-harmful cleaning agents that can be less effective in hard water.

It does not affect the chemical composition and is safe to drink.

It is a relatively low-cost solution.

All the benefits of softened water, gentler skin, and other such things.

There is less detergent required

Reduce heating costs. As the system scales, you should not use more fuel to drive it.

It’s simple to attach and plug in standard power outlets.

You don’t want to have to replace pipework, boilers storage tanks, radiators and showers before they are too late. Scale buildup.

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