Are you making these mistakes when trading on the internet?

Online stock trading offers traders a lot of flexibility and ease. They are not forced to fight for space on overcrowded exchanges. Trading systems and better internet connectivity has enabled traders to place and trade orders online without having to contact brokers web site.

Traders can lose money if they make certain mistakes. Trading systems may give you an easy trading experience, and total independence. But that doesn’t mean they should be left unattended. You must monitor your trading system regularly. Trading systems are based on user-programmed rules. Online traders make some mistakes that are common.

BTS – The Infamous BTS

You are a trader if you have heard of the term BTST. Brokers often use this phrase to describe traders who want to minimize their risk and maximize their profits. It is only meant to cover broker losses. Brokers are given a client-signed list of risk, leaving them vulnerable to loss.

Brokers will encourage you to do this because they can earn daily commissions. They will get only one commission if you buy and sell every day. If you wait for two days, then the commission is only one. BTST is not a standard trading method and it should be avoided. Why take all the risk when you’re trying to minimize it?

Penny Stocks Are a Snare.

Penny stocks may seem attractive because of their low price. However, you must be careful as the prices are often low due to a lack in interest. Promoters use penny stocks to manipulate stocks in their favor. To appear successful, they use coordinated effort. Penny stocks tend to be active only during this period, since they are usually dormant and illiquid throughout the rest of the year.

Traders can be misled by the sudden surge of tips and suggestions in support of penny stocks that are sweeping across the Internet. Traders are misled into believing that penny stock can be profitable while offering low prices. This scam will cost you money.

Morning frenzy

The early morning hours are the ones that can be the most volatile. You should learn to control your emotions as a trader so you don’t get caught up in the morning frenzy. If you are interested in stock trading, then it is worth your time and energy to devote yourself fully. You should not place your order in the early morning and read stock reports in the afternoon.

The large volume of orders that are placed over night and then released the next morning is what causes this volatility. If you are an experienced trader, then it would be possible to resist the news and surge in orders. You may already have your order if you are a beginner. Such orders should be avoided, since price changes will affect them significantly.


Some people make general mistakes, like relying too heavily on their systems and not optimizing them. The three mistakes show what happens when traders alter their trading strategy and start using systems in an incorrect way. You will be better informed about what you should avoid after reading the three errors.

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