Ayahuasca, Amazon Rainforest. Enjoy the Mental Strength

The plant’s ability to heal the mind/body is part a learning experience. It is not important what the plant can do for you. They are creatures and have their own form or they can be compared to human beings with faces and bodies. The spirit can accept a person and give them energy. The way of knowledge opens up and healing occurs. Ayahuasca Retreat welcomes everyone to its world in Amazon Rainforest. Get yourself to read more brief facts about masculine power.

Just take a look at the popular Medicinal Plants you can find in the Amazon Rainforest.

Mocura may be taken orally or in a floral bath to increase energy, or to relieve a pain. The plant is good for your mental health. It can be used with ajosacha which are both garlic varieties and have a strong aroma. The plant’s mental strength makes it a great choice to overcome shyness, find your own value or talents. Some of its medicinal components include asthma, bronchitis or a reduction in cholesterol and fat. Additionally, it has the ability to melt additional fat.
Pinon Colorado. The plant produces a temporary result after drinking, but the plant aids dreaming when you sleep. Pinon Colorado may be used as a pota maestra. There are a variety of medicinal elements that can be used to treat vaginal infection, insect bites and/or stings, and even bronchitis. It is possible for the resin to be ingested, but it can be very strong and poisonous. You can apply the resin directly to your skin.
Chirisanango, the plant is better for arthritis and colds. Also, it has the effect of heating the body. So the maestro suggests taking cold showers after each dose. You can use it in baths for luck, as well as to achieve success with fishing and hunting. People can use planta maestra to express their love for animals, make out with each other as if they are brothers and sisters.

In Amazonian medicine, the Shaman is the one who works with planta masters. The work can be seen as an intentional body of actions that integrates the plant spirit into one’s own spirit. From the union, plant strength informs or teaches the maestro. They also study the magical words and chants that invoke the plant’s powers, as well how to use them for healing ideas. The diet is meant to prepare the body as much as the nervous system to absorb the knowledge and expand the realizations offered by plants.

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