Can a Mosquito Misting System Help You in Winter?

The A-Niks Mosquito Misting System  are designed to spray an insecticide mist around your foliage. Spray the top and bottom of leaves to make them deadly for mosquitoes. It creates a barrier around your home that prevents mosquitoes from attacking you.

The spray is only effective for a limited time if your system can degrade, as most do. Because it’s applied at predetermined intervals automatically, protection is constantly refreshed. The life of active insecticide doesn’t matter. Can a spray against mosquitoes help in the winter months? It’s not really effective, but you can use it if the winter is mild and temperatures are above 50°C.

Mosquito Activity – and Inactivity!

The world over, mosquitoes cease to be active at temperatures below 50F. Some species can survive at low temperatures. However, most of the species found in southern states will die off or go dormant once temperatures increase.

With global warming and climate changes, no one knows what the next winter will be like – nor even what spring it’ll bring! It is possible that mosquitoes will be more active this year because ambient temperatures have risen. It is believed that mosquitoes will be more active next year, and you may not have time to prepare mosquito sprays or set up misting systems.

It is not likely that you will benefit from a misting mosquito system in the winter. However, installing one before spring arrives may prove to be a good idea. The early birds will be caught, including those who have lain dormant and the larvae which have developed over the winter.

Mosquito Misting System Installation

There is generally little demand for mosquito control services during the winter. As global warming continues and temperatures in late fall and winter increase, mosquito misting devices will likely need to be installed before spring and even at the end of autumn!

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