Carpet Cleaning in St Ives’ Unique Climate

Carpet cleaning st. ives, sun, and rain form the landscape resources. It’s like dancing with the weather, sometimes gracefully and other times stumbling. The local climate has its own quirks that affect how we clean carpets.

Our old friend is the Cornish mizzle, that fine misty drizzle which soaks up everything. The constant moisture can be a double edged sword for carpets. It reduces dust. It can cause our carpets to become moist and invite mold or mildew. St Ives is a place where rapid drying is crucial. Our carpets must be cleaned and dried faster than a gull diving for a chip.

Salty air from the sea is also a good idea. What about carpets, though they are good for the soul? Not so much. The salt attracts moisture and increases the wetness. Salt can damage fibers and cause them to wear out more quickly. Every day, our carpets are exposed to the elements. Salt can be neutralized by using gentle, yet effective cleaning methods.

St Ives is not the best place to visit in the summer. Our carpets are worn down by tourists and the constant soiling and sand trampled on. We become good friends with our vacuum cleaners during these months. Vacuuming regularly, and often daily, will prevent dirt and sand from sticking. You’re trying to keep the beach from your home, but the beach is very stubborn.

Fighting is more than just the elements. Collaboration is sometimes the key. On rare sunny days, we air our carpets. Cornish sunshine revitalizes carpets like no other. Nature’s best deodorizer, disinfectant and what is the best part? You can get it for free!

In the cooler and wetter months, we must be more creative. Then, air circulation inside is essential. Fans and dehumidifiers can speed up the drying process when the sun is not cooperating. This is like creating a microclimate in order to escape the humidity outside.

The weather is a major factor in carpet cleaning St. Ives. Weather changes can affect our approach, so we must always be on the lookout and adapt accordingly. Not only are we cleaning carpets, but we’re also dancing with the weather and trying to stay in front. This dance helps keep our homes warm, our carpets clean and our spirits in tune with the ever-changing Cornish climate.
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