Carpet Cleaning Tips: Keep your carpets looking clean

You may not always be able to afford a professional carpet clean useful content. These tips will help keep your carpets and rugs clean.


The use of hot water for carpet cleansing is essential. Carpet cleaners use heat as one of their three cleaning methods. Hot water extraction, also called steam cleaning, is best done when the water temperature ranges between 140 degrees F and 200.

Steam cleaning carpets relies on three factors. These are heat, agitation (movement), dwell time and water pressure. If you find that one of these factors are not optimal, try increasing the other. Some water temperatures are too high to be used. The same results may be achieved if you leave the solution on the rug for longer than usual.

Use Detergent

Use a steam cleaner solution that includes detergent. A detergent works by drawing dirt particles to it. For the detergent to be effective, you should rinse your carpets frequently. This will allow the detergent to function effectively without transferring dirt from one area of the carpet to another.


The shopvac can be utilized to remove carpet stains. It is possible to clean, rinse and vacuum several times before the stain is removed. However, a shopvac is much more effective than using hands to remove the stains.


For stain prevention, carpet cleaners suggest placing mats or rugs in front of and inside your door. These rugs prevent dirt and other debris from entering your home by trapping it. This will save you time vacuuming your carpet and keep it protected. Dirt cuts carpet fibers, causing them to become damaged. Damaged fibers in carpet can cause stains. The stains can also be more difficult. To prevent dirt, remove your shoes before entering your home.

Steam cleaners are best used after you have vacuumed your carpets. You should heat your water as hotly as possible. Fans can be used to quickly dry the carpet after cleaning. These tips will allow you to extend the time in between professional cleanings while keeping your carpets looking clean. These simple tips can keep your carpets clean during professional carpet cleanings.

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