Carpet Green Cleaning: An Important Step in Creating a Greener Home

We often mention carpet cleaning in gordon when talking about how we keep our houses clean. There’s always that one task of cleaning we just can’t skip. We need to find a way to do this without polluting Earth. Gordon’s has eco-friendly cleaning products as green and lush as your backyard grass. Learn more?

Consider this: Imagine spilling your morning coffee on the carpet. Imagine spilling your morning cup of coffee onto the carpet. Again. Then, you can try again. Why not go green? Utilize pantry ingredients you already own. You can remove stains by using baking soda, vinegar and club soda. This is like doing an experiment on your couch. It’s not the worst part. This means you won’t leave a footprint as big as a yeti.

While some mess could be resolved by self-help, we understand that it is not always the best option. Eco-friendly professionals in your area can assist you. These individuals are magicians. The biodegradable cleaning products they use are safe for Mother Nature. Wave your magic wand (or clean equipment) and voila! It’s a great feeling to have your carpets clean.

Why choose green products? It’s simple. Traditional carpet cleaning is done with chemicals that are bad for the environment, and even worse for human health. In other words, we are talking about the actual breathing and walking. By cleaning with eco-friendly products we help to protect our environment. This is like voting to green the planet with our vacuum cleaners.

You’ll benefit more than just the planet by going green when you clean your carpets. The indoor air is also improved. You can breathe clean air at home without using harsh chemicals. You’ll breathe new energy into your home. Who would not want to have that in their home?

Think of a better solution for the next wine stain you spot on your carpet. If you decide to hire environmentally friendly professionals or use vinegar for cleaning, it will help both your home and planet. Although small, the step is one that will lead to a healthier, more environmentally friendly home. You never know. It’s possible that your eco-friendly cleaning will inspire other people to follow suit. That’s pretty cool.

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