Chinese Painting Techniques

Four-Footed Art

It is a good metaphor for a person with integrity read more here.

The Paintings of Aquatic Fishes

This was a popular topic for artists to use as a means of expressing their love of ideal living.

Lotus Colors, Paintings and Designs

Lotus symbolizes a person who is different. The lotus will show preference for certain painting styles as well as history. Zhang Daqian has invented several new techniques for depicting lotus.

Landscape Painting

Landscape paintings were created by ancient painters in different styles. For example, they used modeling or sketches to express emotions, water, achieve lofty and independent personalities, as well as travel.

Chinese traditional paintings is an art form with unique characteristics in China. It is composed brushwork, pigment, paper, an ink block, and ink. There are numerous categories of paintings such as New Year Pictures and Mural Painting.

Chinese paintings don’t adhere to a specific art category nor are they a scientific idea. Inkwashing and Color Ink Painting are classified by the different tools and media they use, like oil paintings or watercolors, engraving or gouache.

Chinese paintings may also be classified based on their purpose, such as in serial paintings or mural paintings. Chinese painting is divided into several categories. This art is unique for its style and method. Oil painting enjoys the same status in Western culture.

Chinese traditional arts pay special attention to the portrayal of objects’ essences. They emphasize the beauty in their form. It is also important that the pictures are vibrant and rhythmic. They should evoke form as well as spirit. Oriental art is a part of the Chinese national idea.

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