Clean carpets and allergy management: A breath of fresh air for your home

When you picked up a crispy that fell on the carpet in your living room, did it occur to you when last a professional cleaned? The solution to allergies could be under your feet. This carpet cleaning guide from lane cove explains how regular carpet cleansing can improve the indoor air, bringing relief to allergy-sufferers. View the menu.

We’ll get right down to it. Despite their cushy, soft appearance, carpets are a breeding place for allergens such as pet dander and dust mites. When you walk over it, pet your animal, or watch your favorite show on TV, you are stirring these airborne particles. You just sneezed? Yes, that’s because it wasn’t just the cold breeze coming from the window.

Do you realize that the allergens present in your carpet may remain trapped for several months? Even routine vacuuming can sometimes just scrape the surface. Consider your carpet like a sponge. It absorbs all allergens, dust particles and other contaminants. Each spill, footstep or piece of shedding skin will find its way to the fibers.

Professionally cleaning your carpets can make all the difference. This not only helps remove the allergens trapped in your carpet, but restores it to its pristine state, increasing its lifespan. Imagine breathing in a clean, fresh home without that annoying tickle at the back of your throat and that constant sneezing.

Pet owners face a double challenge. The furry ones are notorious for carrying dirt and allergens from the outdoors. Although we can’t imagine parting from our beloved pets, we should ensure we have a routine carpet cleaning to prevent Fluffy’s antics from affecting our respiratory health.

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