Combi Oven: Tips for Mastering Baking and Pastry

Combi ovens, while well appreciated for their versatility in the kitchen, can also be useful for baking. With their precise temperature control, consistent heat distribution, and customizable humidity adjustments, combi ovens are able to help you achieve professional-level results in your baked items. In this post we’ll provide some helpful tips and techniques for mastering baking and pastry making using the combi oven. Discover more?

Make use of steam for Bread and Pastries

Steam functions are particularly useful for baking pastries and breads. Steam creates an environment that is moist in the oven. This results in a crispy and golden crust while keeping the interior of the bread soft and fluffy. Inject steam into your oven within the initial minutes of baking. This can help to increase springing, and result in an amazing crust. For pastries like croissants or puff pastry dough, steam aids in creating flaky layers and getting a nice rise.

When baking cookies and cakes, it is important to ensure a constant humidity level.

If you bake cakes and cookies in a combo oven, it’s crucial to manage the humidity. For moist and tender cakes think about using the combination mode and an increased humidity setting in order to prevent the surface from getting too dry. Cakes will rise evenly and hold its water. In baking cookies, lessening the humidity will help to produce an exterior that’s clean while keeping the interior soft and chewy. Test different levels of humidity to create the perfect texture within your baked items.

Use Convection mode:

Convection is the perfect mode for even heating, and it is a great way to bake multiple cookies or cakes simultaneously. The consistent airflow ensures that every item is provided with the same temperatures, which results in uniformly baked products. Convection also helps to achieve crisp, golden hue and adds visual attraction. Convection baking can speed up the cooking process, so reduce the time that you bake your meals by some.

Utilize low temperature cooking techniques for delicate Desserts:

Combi ovens are able to offer the versatility in cooking with low temperatures. This is beneficial for delicate desserts such as custards, souffles, or cheesecakes. A gentle, even heating distribution prevents the curdling or overcooking process, which results in creamy and smooth and smooth textures. Lower temperatures also allow for more time to cook essential for specific desserts that need low and controlled temperatures like custards. Take advantage of the low-temperature cooking feature to create elegant and refined desserts with precision.

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