Cost Efficient Outdoor Advertisement

Return on investment in advertising. Outdoor advertising can be a channel that will guarantee you a return on investment clicking here. The Exhibition Display System, Flag Poles, and Flag Poles can be installed inside or out of the premises. Flag Poles can also be used in places such as the Exhibition where potential clients are likely to pass through. Attract customers with an exhibition. The display systems have made it possible to advertise in a more convenient way.

Exhibition Display Systems including Panel Displays or Display Boards, are tall and have an exotic finish. This gives it a stylish, appealing, and practical look that is both classy and versatile. There are many options for such panels. One example is a lightweight stackable panel. It is made of strong extruded aluminum frames, and durable KT boards. The frames come with 360-degree hinges. They can be bent, curved or cornered. Easy assembly is possible by anyone. Frames can be easily folded into the transport bag. This type of exhibition panel features 8 aluminum frames, which can be shaped into tablestops or used as the whole panel. The product also includes two halogen lighting fixtures that provide the perfect illumination effect. You’ll be stunned by the stunning work of art made by our skilled professional designers. Modern, state of the art technology allows you to produce a high-quality finish in a shorter amount of time while still achieving superior customer satisfaction.

Flag Poles:

Flagpoles make a great way to advertise and are very noticeable. They can be elegantly positioned along the route to an exhibition, special occasion, or even as a standalone poster. The flagpole is weather-resistant and can be used in all conditions. The flag arm is attached on the topmost of the telescoping pole and extends horizontally to the topmost of the advertising banner. The aluminum telescopic flagpole comes with the event flag system. They can be collapsed down to 1.61m long poles for transport and storage.

Flag arm and flag can be rotated with the wind. This rotation 360 degrees allows for attention-grabbing motion. This professional-looking, glossy silver coat is anti-corrosive. Its 5-meter height allows clear viewing even from distances of 5 meters. The pedestal can be filled in with water or sand to give it a stronger grip. It also has the ability to split into 4 pieces for easier transport. Our professional designers can also create graphic designs for frames from start to finish. This will transform your idea into a stunning work of art that will amaze you. Modern, state of the art technology allows us to achieve a higher quality finish in a shorter amount of time while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

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