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A selection that will leave you with an amazing aroma and sensational scent is not easy. On the skin, a perfume smells different than in the container. A perfume’s final smell is determined by the body odor of the person wearing it. Every perfume that you use is personal to you. With the increasing prices of fragrances, selecting a new perfume has become quite difficult. Click for source!

The emotions and feeling are closely linked with perfumes. This is the reason why poets and artists are often inspired by enchanting and majestic fragrances. You can use fragrances to express love and romance. It can also give your clothes a new life.

Invention of perfumes goes back to centuries. But it was only in the 20th Century that production became burgeoning, prices fell and they were widely used. Egyptians used herbs and fruits for centuries to produce fragrances to be worn by men and females. In the centuries that followed, flower essence was added to perfumes via distillation. Today the industry flourishes throughout Europe, but especially in France.

In ancient times, scents were mainly used as a way to hide the bad smell of the body. Only the wealthy could afford to buy them. Grasse was on French Rivera in the 18th century. This is when the perfume industry began.

Grasse’s strategic location made raw material readily available, and it was also possible to mass produce perfumes. Perfumes were now very accessible to the average person.

For today, there are four different classes of scents: Oriental, Floral Woody, and Fresh. Prior to this, only herbs and spice were used for the production of fragrances. Today, synthetic scents as well as animal products are used in the manufacture of a great variety perfumes. Most of the ingredients used in perfumes are similar. The proportions in which these ingredients are present can make a difference to the way different perfumes smell.

This industry has a high level of reward. Each year, it generates revenues of over a million dollars. As a result, the perfume industry has become a major source of revenue for the cosmetic industry. The fact that Nicole Kidman Kate Winslet Keira knightly Anne Hathaway all are perfume brand ambassadors is a testament to its financial foundation. Profitable is the perfume industry. By licensing a product that has a celebrity name, your brand can be well advertised.

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