Drug Addiction Myths and the Truth

Many myths about drug abuse and addiction exist. In order to effectively separate the truth from the fiction, you must be able distinguish fact from fantasy when seeking addiction treatment renew wellness and recovery. Wrong decisions can endanger your life in the complex world of drug addiction. Here are some myths people have about drugs to better understand it.

Addiction to drugs is voluntary

Even though it may be true that your first drink or substance intake is personal, it still is vital to stress the addictive nature of these substances. A drug’s effects on the brain can make a person dependent. Many “first-timers”, while not wanting to be addicted, aren’t aware of how they are controlled.

The weak are more susceptible to addiction

Drugs can affect athletes, doctors, lawyers and many other professionals. Drugs will be a problem for everyone regardless of race, gender, ethnicity or physical fitness.

Addiction to prescribed medications is not possible

The fact remains that any drug can be abused, no matter how beneficial it may seem to the human body. The doctor’s prescription is the best way to ensure that you do not abuse drugs.

Someone who has a drug addiction should get help by themselves

Even though it’s possible for an addict themselves to find rehabilitation, loved ones should take the initiative. In order to mitigate the effects of drugs on a person‚Äôs physical or mental health, intervention is needed. Bring someone to drug rehabilitation immediately if you are aware of drug abuse.

Rehabilitation can be done in a matter of a couple weeks

The length of a drug treatment program can be different from one person’s experience to the next. Depending on which drug he/she is using and for how long, drug rehab can usually last from months to years. Reducing the time of the rehabilitation program won’t make it more effective.

It’s over when a woman completes a treatment program

For every drug rehab to be successful, an aftercare program must be implemented. Once the patient is out of the rehab facility and blending into society, it’s important to implement an aftercare plan to help guide and continue the treatment. Family members and friends should be present to guide the patient at every stage.

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