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Esnc. It’s like walking into an aromatic world. Understanding the language behind perfume notes may be difficult for people who are unfamiliar with the world of fragrances. You need not be afraid! Esnc. The beginner’s guide to perfume notes will demystify the world of scents. See the source.

Layers of notes create the perfume’s full experience. We’ll break them down.

Top notes: The opening notes in a fragrance are those that first hit your nostrils. Like the beginning of a novel or first few notes in a tune, they are the top notes. The top notes tend to be light, flavourful, and fresh. They often include citrus fruit, lavender and herbs. The top notes make an excellent first impression. However, they do not last very long.

The middle notes also called the heart note are what make up the scent. The middle notes emerge as the top ones fade. The character of a perfume is shaped by these notes, which are softer and fuller. Some common heart notes are florals such as rose or jasmine and spices like cinnamon. Heart notes are less intense than top ones, but last for longer.

Base notes: They are the final impressions of the scent. The base notes are what give a fragrance its foundation and depth. The base notes are the most important because they anchor the perfume and remain long after all the other notes have disappeared. Rich, heavy notes like vanilla and amber are common base notes.

Esnc. The workshop is a guided tour of Esnc’s diverse collection. You will be able to smell the notes for yourself. The course will teach you how to distinguish different scents and combine them to form a harmonious fragrance.

After the workshop, you will not only be able to appreciate the complex nature of perfumes better but also have the skills necessary to select the fragrance that best reflects your own personal narrative. Esnc. understands that perfume is not just a smell, but a story waiting to unfold, note-by-note.

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