Essence Collection: A deep dive into the men’s collection

You may have entered a room, and immediately been enchanted by a heavenly scent. Only to find out that it was a perfume for men. For those who are familiar with ESNC Perfumery this experience is not uncommon. –  extra resources!

The artisan men’s collection demonstrates the elegance, strength and depth that a man is able to convey with his scent. Not only is it about allure, but also about telling stories, marking your territory and, above all else, exuding self-confidence.

ESNC Perfumery is known for their nuanced approach in olfactory art. They have created a range of scents to take a man on a journey that will transport him through different landscapes, feelings, and memories. Each bottle is a world, just waiting to be discovered, loved, and experienced.

Consider ‘Highland Breeze’. This scent evokes rustic charms of Scottish landscapes. Each spray brings to mind the soft whispering of wind on the mountains and distant cries of eagles. It’s a perfect scent for men who are both adventurous and grounded.

There’s also ‘Oriental Enigma’. Blend that pays homage to the mystifying allure of Asia. The warmth of amber, the sweetness of dates and the delicate notes of oud enhance the blend. The scent is seductive and luxurious. It reminds me of a dance under the moonlight in a palace courtyard.

The most unexpected of them all, however, is “Metropolitan Pulse”. It is an ode for the modern man. The hustle and bustle in the city are beautifully paired with quiet moments. Citrus notes are interwoven with leathery undertones and a hint of coffee to represent the energy that is urban living.

It’s clear that ESNC Perfumery men’s fragrance collection doesn’t only aim to create pleasant scents. The collection is a reflection of the feelings and experiences of a modern gentleman. Each fragrance is a reflection of the complex thought processes behind its blends. It’s more than a smell – it has a unique signature.

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