Figure Competition Cheats Meals

There is no doubt that prepping for an figure competition takes a great deal of commitment check my source. The more you want to achieve in terms of appearance and placement, the stricter you have to be about your diet and cardio. A question that I am asked frequently is whether cheat meals are allowed for figure contests. The top questions that figure competitors ask on this subject include: What’s a cheat-meal, can you have one? How do you implement it? Will it affect your dieting prep plan or not. Luckily, this short and informative article will clarify the confusion surrounding this controversial topic, so you can plan out your figure contest diet prep accordingly.

The top IFBB bodybuilders do take a scheduled cheat meal every week. It is important to plan and follow cheat meals in order for them to be successful. The trick is to fool your body into burning more calories. The figure prep requires that you stick to a diet plan with set macros and calories for the entire week. Your body will be thrown off by a cheat meal, which will cause it to increase your metabolism over the next few days. Many people ask me “Can you eat anything?” Answer: Yes. As you start your figure prep, you’re a little loose. But you’ll tighten it up each week. In the first week of your figure-competition cheat meals, you can have any dish. To make this cheat meal work, it is important to limit the cheat meals to only one day.

As the weeks go by and you approach your figure competition, it’s important to convert your scheduled cheat meal into an scheduled refeed. A refeed is similar to a “cheat day”, but you are choosing higher calorie sources for your refeed. On refeed day you continue to eat your same diet but add more calories. This is mainly carbs. You will be able to manage your weight loss and appetite by following this process. You’ll find that you don’t need your cheat days after a few cheating weeks.

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