Get Rid Negative Energy using Moldative Stone

Since moldavite is believed to possess the ability to absorb negative emotion and feelings, it’s recommended to cleanse and recharge it on a frequent basis. For example, you could simply expose the stone to sunlight or moonlight over a night. You might also try other techniques, such as using palo santo and smudging it with sage. Or, simply expose it to sunlight. Continue reading?

The best way to get maximum results from the stone moldavite is through intentional use. To achieve the best results with stone moldavite, it is important that an intention is established before using the rock for healing or spiritual purposes. A desire to heal the body, encourage spiritual growth or simply a wish for bodily health can be all that you need. If you set a clear goal, it is easier to channel the energy of the rock and make it function more effectively.

Last but not less, you should remember that the use of moldavite won’t necessarily be a positive experience for everybody. You may find that certain individuals will feel anxiousness, or any other unhappiness that they already experience. Others won’t. If you are working with moldavite it is crucial to be aware of your inner self as well as have faith in yourself psychically.

This is why moldavite has such unique spiritual and curative qualities. With intention and care this stone could bring you great energy, progress and joy. Moldavite should be cleaned and recharged on a daily basis. You also need to always listen to your body and follow your gut instincts.

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