Holiday Spirit: 5 Films to Watch This Holiday Season

A variety of different Christmas movies are available to stimulate vivid and rich memories. The Christmas movie can be anything from straight-up horror to sappy comedies. There are many movies that create magical worlds to capture the true holiday spirit. Five films that will put you in a holiday spirit. Visit this link.

1. Krampus

Krampus, despite being a horror flick technically speaking, is an enduring Christmas classic. Max, the big-hearted, Christmas-loving boy has to contend with his dysfunctional relatives and bullying by his tomboy cousins. After losing his Christmas spirit due to his anger, he tears out a Santa letter and throws them through the windows. Max’s note, thrown out of the window by Krampus unleashes his full strength. If they want to live, they have no choice but to work together.

2. Home Alone

A classic movie about Kevin McCallister (age 8), who accidentally gets left alone in the attic while his entire family goes on vacation to Paris. Kevin discovers that his family are gone. This was his dream come true. His holiday festivities are threatened by two burglars planning to rob the house. Kevin fights off two goofy and greedy criminals played by Joe Pesci & Daniel Stern using his wits & boobytrapping skills.

3. Christmas Story

A Christmas Story, a classic of the holiday season. Ralphie is an awkward kid who struggles with bullying at school and from his parents. He also loses his enthusiasm about the holiday season. Ralphie, who is eager to have Santa bring him a Red Ryder air gun, strives to survive Christmas Day without accidentally destroying his dream or shooting his eye.

4. Elf

Will Ferrell plays Buddy – a little boy who has been raised in the North Pole by Santa’s helpers. Buddy starts to realise that his life is not the same as his elvin relatives and so he sets off to New York City on a quest to discover his real dad, Walter Hobbs. Walter Hobbs was a businessman who had a bad moral record. Walter, Buddy, and their DNA tested attempt to repair the father-son relationship. It ends up being disastrous.

5. Die Hard

John McClaine – an off-duty cop whose estranged family is at a fancy Christmas bash in the company headquarters – a tall and imposing building – tells his story. John discovers that the only way to save his wife from the terrorists is for him to take the hostages and stop the hijacking.

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