How Effective is Kinesiology Tape?

The gold coast kinesiology technique is an innovative rehabilitative tapping method that is intended to promote the body’s own healing processes by providing stability and support to joints and muscles without restricting their range of movement. This tape also provides extended soft-tissue manipulation in order to extend the benefits of manual therapies administered within a clinical setting.

What is it and how does it work?

It was designed to assist injured muscles with recovery and reduce the amount of work they do during physical activity. Bandaging can be used to increase blood circulation or muscle “belts” depending on how much stress is applied. It may also correct joint misalignment. The circulatory system is interwoven with muscles, fascia deep and the skin. Applying force to the top layer will influence those below.

What does mean by the color?

The tape is now available in a variety of colors and styles. Kinesio Tape, in my opinion, is the best brand. I’ve used it for years and have seen red ribbons, blue and even fire. I found, however, that black tape holds up better during endurance and race activities.

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It is likely that if you have watched the Summer Olympics in recent years, some of the athletes will have had tape stripes of different colors or patches on various body parts. There were many athletes in track and beach volleyball who wore very scanty clothing. The “wings” of a Michigan football helmet were stamped across the abs of one gal volleyball player. If it was only used for injuries then there were dozens of Olympians injured. It’s possible that this tape also helps with performance.

The tape allows your muscles to receive maximum blood flow, which reduces inflammation and swelling. Because kinesiology is made to be custom fitted to the muscles of your body, it must be applied in a specific way.

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