How to Manage Your eBay Account

You have registered eBay as an eBay business. This is the first step towards your success. Your eBay revenues will rise and your turnover on eBay will grow. It is important to first set up eBay in order for PayPal to pay your eBay fees every month. While this is straightforward, it’s not difficult to maintain your PayPal balance in order to pay eBay fees. Let’s read more about How to manage multiple eBay accounts?.

Two things you should know: first, the month beginning on 20th will be billed. You will be informed by eBay whenever you call that you need to pay your outstanding balance. Select 2 to ignore it. Next, you’ll see that your eBay account balance will drop around the 1st of every month. While you’re calculating fees due always keep in mind the outstanding amount.

When you update an item on eBay, it will display the balance of your fees. It is important that you are aware of the amount you owe eBay fees when you transfer your PayPal Balance to your bank account.

Customers might purchase an item but then not pay. This will be recorded in your waiting payment section. Be careful as these items can be taken to court against the buyer if they are not paid. When you are allowed, open the case. Some customers get upset when you open a lawsuit against them. There have been many complaints regarding the process of opening a case. I have received numerous threats emails regarding this. While you may not be able to open a legal case against a customer you will most likely have them open it very quickly. A lot of people pay very quickly when you open a new case. In most cases, six people will pay if you open ten cases.

Customers will get in touch with you. It is common for customers to buy two items but only one. Next, you send them an invoicing for the item you did not buy. eBay then contacts you to inform them about the case they just opened. The email you receive states that eBay has contacted them. The Resolution Centre will open a case. You can close the case, and then cancel your order. You can cancel the order by calling the buyer. If they find out, they may not accept the email. If they accept the email, you receive your fees back. Although it might seem small, once you add up the cost of 300 items, it quickly adds to your company’s total costs.

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