How to Purchase the Right Flagpole

It is possible that you are considering buying a flagpole. You can find a wide range of flagpole options online, with varying prices, features, and materials. It can be easy to get lost in the sea of information. This article will answer 10 of your questions. You will find flagpole shopping easier when all of the questions are answered. Each paragraph serves as a checklist. To help you look at this with your purchase, print this article.

1.) Budget. It is not like asking for a price quote on flagpoles. Answering that question is “it all depends.” Many factors affect the price of a flagpole. They include the diameter and height of the pole as well the thickness of the tubing. There are also other factors like the place it was manufactured, how it was shipped and many others. A flagpole can be purchased online for between $50 and $2,500. It really depends on how much money you spend. The average flagpole set of decent quality will cost homeowners between $100-300. Be sure to add taxes, shipping fees and contractor fees.

A flagpole is within my budget of $__________

2.) Local Codes and Neighborhood Associations. Once you have established a budget for your flagpole, it is time to investigate any local ordinances that may restrict its construction. The fastest way to find out if your proposed flagpole installation falls within any particular code is to Google your county name and the “building codes.” For some areas, there may be documentation available online. There are often numbers that you can call during business hours to get help from someone who can. Include information in your agreement that will allow you to contact the neighborhood association. If you find that an inground flagpole can’t be used, you may still be eligible to buy a wall or postmounted flag set.

Flagpoles cannot be erected in my locality.

_____ Flagpoles must not exceed _____ feet in my region.

_____ Flagpoles are not allowed in my home. I can however hang a wall-mounted or post-mounted set.

3.) Construction. The next step is to decide which flagpole I prefer. In the past, flagpoles were mostly made of one-piece steel or aluminum. They are still easily found today. Telescoping flagpoles and sectional flagpoles have now replaced them. These flagpoles are easier to transport, set up, and move than their one-piece counterparts. You can make sectional flagpoles by reducing the length at one end so they fit in the section above. Up close, the seam is almost invisible. Each section usually has a length between 5-6feet. Telescoping Flagpoles enjoy increasing popularity due to their ease of use, portability, and cost effectiveness. You can take your telescoping flagpole to tailgate parties or even to the RV park. Telescoping poles have more options than traditional flagpoles. It doesn’t have clips to catch in wind, ropes to tie around flags, and no pulley to fail.

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