Moldavites are at a stalemate

Moldavite, a beautiful stone with mysterious origins, is still very popular – more hints. They can be used in both rough and polished states, and jewelry is made out of them. There are very few of these stones and no new ones will be made unless a huge meteorite hits Earth. But then, we’d have different problems :-).. Unfortunately, the lack of favorable supply conditions has impacted the price.

It is easiest to locate moldavites at the surface (on plowed fields during spring and autumn). The moldavites that are below the surface of sandy and clay sediments have a higher quantity and better quality ( the difference in surface and dug moldavites). These moldavites are extracted using heavy machinery by large companies and single hunters, who don’t use machines. There are two legal moldavite extracting projects in the Czech Republic. Single hunters work illegally.

Besednice is home to the “hedgehogs”, a famous moldavite. Their surfaces are very well-organized, which results in deep sculptures. Their thorns can reach up to 1 in. First official extraction was authorized in Besednice, the Hedgehog deposit. In a matter of years, all the lovely green stones could be extracted.

In 2016, the site Dobrkovska Lhotka was used to extract clay and sand that had been left over. This was once a rich deposit from which moldavites had been mined for many decades. The lake complex replaced the deposit, which is now vacant.

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