Mushroom Safety – What You Need to Know

Each year there are many people out searching for rare mushrooms. Some of the wild mushrooms found in nearby forests and backyards are delicious. But there are precautions that you must take when going out to find fungi. What is microdosing?

The species of fungus you wish to acquire will need to be identified. The idea of walking into the forests with the goal to grab any delicious looking mushroom is not recommended. The best way to determine which mushroom you should pick is to plan your strategy. Nearly no fungus fruits except at particular times of the year or under certain climate conditions. It is common for fungus to thrive in climates with high humidity, and they tend to spawn more during the fall.

If you want to be safe, make sure that the mushrooms are cooked before eating. The bacteria found on mushrooms from the forest will be destroyed by cooking or boiling at high temperatures. Mushrooms have mycotoxincs that are essentially destroyed when heated. The best rule is to cook every shroom you find in the woods. The mushrooms will not only become more clean after they are cooked, but the taste will be enhanced. Some raw mushrooms may be volatile, but most are safe to consume. If you’ve picked some poisonous ones, cooking will not remove their toxic substances.

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