NBA and Fantasy Basketball: How the Game has Changed

Teams are changing their lineups to accommodate the new NBA style. The NBA used to be dominated by big men like Kevin Garnett and Shaquille o’neal. These players would be complemented by guards, which would result in dominance. These big men of old are no longer around unless they can change their style. Due to the popularity of three-pointers, NBA scores have risen dramatically. Teams are now more successful than ever in their attempts and three-point shots. More about the author?

In fantasy basketball, players with the ability to make three-pointers are more likely to score high fantasy points. It is easy to understand why Steve Kerr, and other coaches who prefer a 4-out-1-in look are displacing underathletic big men from their usual minutes.

The change in the game within the last five years has forced fantasy basketball experts to change their daily lineups, drafts, and research. Drafting big men that are not capable of playing the stretch position in daily fantasy basketball games like DraftKings and Fanduel can be detrimental for your team.

Deandre, Jahlil, Okafor and Andre Drummond are some examples. In the past these players were the kings of the glass. They had many blocks and rebounds and scored easy points. They are scoring less and blocking fewer shots today because it’s very difficult to stop a three-point shooter. Players like these underperform across all formats, unless you play in a league that has categorical rule categories, which include blocks. They are also inferior choices in comparison to Al Horford and Giannis Antetokounmpo. This is clearly shown numerically by the Player Rating. The game is changing, with big men becoming stretch players and less need for traditional, big centers.

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