New Homes, Happy Pets The Battle to Beat Pet Odors

Although our furry friends provide us with endless pleasure, some of the smells they bring into our home do not make us feel happy. Pet odors are a problem, whether they’re on carpets in the living room or couch cushions. There are solutions and strategies to combat these problems, as we pay at Carpet cleaning North Shore – more help?

Acting quickly is the first stage in tackling unpleasant smells from pets. If an incident is left to sit for a long time, it will soak into the fabric, making it more difficult to get rid of. Use paper towels to blot every drop of accident as you are able to. This is essential in preventing the odor from developing.

Enzymatic cleaning products are a game changer in the field of pet odor treatment. They are made from natural enzymes that break down organic material in animal waste such as vomit or urine which neutralizes the smell. It is essential to fully coat the area with water and then let the cleaner remain for the appropriate duration to make sure it gets deep within the pores where the bacteria responsible for odor lurk.

Sometimes, the cause of the pet smell isn’t quite so obvious, as in the result of a recent incident. Dogs can carry in many different smells or develop a ‘dog’ scent that permeates fabric. If this happens it is possible that a thorough cleaning be required. It could involve a thorough cleaning of the covers that are removable along with a thorough cleaning of non-removable fabric. Steam cleaning is a fantastic alternative as it is able to penetrate deep into the fibers to eliminate any lingering odors.

Try using products for fabric that have been made specifically for pet owners to add another layer of protection against unpleasant odors. They will neutralize the odor of pets and are completely suitable for pets. However, it’s always recommended to read the label for possible hazardous substances.

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