Odor Treatment After Carpet Cleaning

Imagine: you spent the day thoroughly cleaning all your carpets, using a method that leaves no trace of dirt. This carpet almost looks brand new. A lingering odor is present. But why is this happening even after an extensive clean? How come odor treatments are a must-have final touch, get the facts? We’ll unravel the aromatic mysteries!

1. Smells and Cleaning Science

As you clean, it can activate stale smells. Consider it like awakening a sleeping giant. It is possible that moisture in carpets can react with unnoticed contaminants, creating an offensive odor.

2. Post-Cleaning Dampness

Carpets can feel drier to the touch after cleaning, but they may still contain moisture deep in their fibers. Mold and mildew thrive in this damp atmosphere, making it a dangerous place for you to breathe.

3. It’s not just stains that tell stories.

You may remember that little wine accident Fido got into last month. It’s possible that the staining is gone, but its olfactory memory can last. A deep clean can bring back these ghostly aromas. An odor-control treatment is therefore necessary.

4. Some cleaning products can cause residual odors

The majority of carpet cleaning agents are meant to remove stains effectively, but some can have a faint chemical odor. Even though it may not always be offensive, this chemical smell can differ from that fresh and clean aroma many homeowners desire.

5. Enhancing the sense of cleanliness

Cleaning your house goes beyond the aesthetics. It also includes how it feels and smells. If you have spent time and money on carpet cleaning then an odor removal treatment can be the cherry on top. This will engulf your house in freshness.

6. Vibrations for a Longer Lasting Cleanliness

They don’t provide instant relief. This protective layer will help to eliminate future odors.

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