Perfume Shop Navigation: A Beginner’s Guide

When you walk into a perfume shop, it’s as if you are entering a magic world. You don’t need to worry if this is your first time shopping for perfumes. Our goal is to make your shopping fun, easy and enjoyable. Discover the secrets of fragrance shops together. Reserve your spot.

Fragrance families explained. Each fragrance belongs to its own family. For a simple breakdown, we’ve provided the following:

Enjoy a Fresh Fruity Recipe

The perfect everyday garment, lightweight and breezy.

You can wear it to casual and daytime occasions.

Floral Bouquets:

Characteristics: Inspire by the beauty of nature, feminine and romantic.

The perfect accessory for a date, an event or simply to make you feel great.

Woody & earthy

The scent is warm and grounded, reminding you of the outdoors.

This is the perfect gift to give for evenings or cooler seasons.

Oriental Spicy

Features: A sensual exotic experience with a hint of mystery.

Any event can be made more mysterious and intriguing by adding intrigue, particularly at night.

Savory and delicious:

Characteristics: sweet, soothing and almost edible.

Perfect for winter, cosier settings.

Perfume Shop Navigation:

Learn more about the Testers

You can use testers to test out how fragrances feel on the skin. Use them to feel how scents are on the skin. You can spray on your wrist a little bit of fragrance before making a final decision.

Please note the notes for the middle, top and bottom of scale 101.

Fragrances have layers. Middle notes emerge as the scent lingers. Final impression is given by the base notes. Imagine how the perfume changes as it ages.

You Occasion

Where and when are you going to wear it? For the day, lighter fragrances work best. More powerful scents can be worn at night or for special occasions.

Get Expert Advice by Asking an Expert

Don’t hesitate to seek advice from the friendly staff at the store. You can ask the staff for advice and they will help you find new items that suit your preferences.

Take the Time to Enjoy Your Process

Take your time to choose the best perfume. Exploring different smells is a great way to enjoy yourself. Don’t rush to make your choice and listen to your gut.

The search for the perfect scent can be an adventure. The scents you choose can be romantic, refreshing or warm. You can choose from a wide range of perfumes. You can accept the selection, try the samplers out and listen to your intuition. Your search for the right fragrance should be exciting, just like the smell itself. Perfume shopping is fun!

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