Plastic Surgery of the Face for a More Fresher Appearance

Today, plastic surgery can help you to look younger. This is true, especially for the face. Face plastic surgery can be used to improve fine lines, wrinkles and sagging. This includes a facelift or browlift as well as rhinoplasty and eyelid surgery – important link.


The facelift procedure is designed to reduce wrinkles, cheeks that sag, and the jowls at the jawline. However, it will not remove the wrinkles that are around your eyes and mouth corner.

The SMAS can be done in a few different ways, such as the Platysma-Lift or SMAS. Other options include the S-Lift (also known as the S-Lift), mini-lifts, etc. They all have their own unique way of lifting lines on the face. But the classic facelift involves incisions around the ear and along the hairline.

It is necessary to remove the excess skin after the loosening of the skin from its underlying muscle. The skin that remains is then repositioned and stitched at the incision. Often the muscles themselves are also repositioned for optimal results. Many people consider this a good way to dramatically turn back time on their aging faces.

Brow Lift

Consider a Browlift instead of undergoing a complete facelift. The browlift is a plastic surgery that produces an improved, more youthful appearance. The hairline, or the temples can be incised in a similar way to a facelift.

Skin is loosen enough so that excess skin can be removed. After the skin has been re-sewn, scars can be easily concealed in hair. The upper face will look rejuvenated with less deep wrinkles.


Rhinoplasty means nose surgery. The rhinoplasty procedure is a good option for those who’ve hated their bumps, bridges, tips, and hump on their nose their entire lives. The good thing about rhinoplasty, is that in many cases the procedure is covered or at least partially by your health insurance. This is because some patients actually breathe better after the surgery.

Usually, the incisions on the inside nose are used. Next, the nasal skin is separated from its underlying tissues and modifications are made. The insertion of bridge implants, reshaping or removal of an unattractive bump could all be part of this procedure.

Eyelid Surgery

It is also called blepharoplasty. It is possible to have eyelid surgery for medical or cosmetic reasons. Eyelids that become very droopy with age can be both unattractive and block vision.

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