Self Storage Facilities Security

If you store your things far away, it’s important that no one else has access to them. You should make sure that nobody else can get to your items if you’re storing them far away. It is vital to inquire about security when choosing a self storage facility. Security can be a very subjective issue, depending on what the owners want and how violent crime is in a particular area. It is up to you what security system you choose.

Self-storage units are taking steps to secure their assets. Fencing and cameras are simple measures, but more complex options include video surveillance or secure entry gates. Your requirements will dictate what you keep and how secure you need it to be – more about the author.

Items that can easily be replaced may not need to be insured. They may need more protection if the item is sentimental or has a high value. You should visit the possible storage facilities. Unsecure businesses will have holes in their fences, bad lighting and dark, unlit spaces. The size or strength of your unit’s lock does not matter. A thief who is determined to get into your unit will do so at any opportunity.

You should choose an alarm where guards will be on-site, or one that has a monitoring service. It is important that the alarm provider has a direct connection with police dispatch. Motion detectors are a great option. Most have sensors which alert their security systems when a door has been left unlocked for long periods of time.

How visitors are handled makes all the difference. Renters will be discouraged from entering the building to see what’s happening by limiting access. It is best to use sign-in-sign out systems or secured gates that have access codes for tenants. In newer properties, it may be necessary to swipe the card on the gate to gain access.

Look for places that have an emergency response system in the event of a smoke or fire. It is not allowed to smoke on premises as it can cause a fire. The smoke detectors and the fire alarms in every facility should be included.

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