Superfoods, Super Fibers and the Green Wave

Oh, hemp cannabis! What an incredible plant, huh! It’s like a friend that can do it all. Need strong fibres? Hemp can provide you with strong fibres go here. Looking for healthy seeds to consume? Hemp is coming back. You’re looking for something that calms your nerves without getting you high. CBD derived hemp? Hello!

Let’s look back in time. In the past hemp was used in all sorts of products. Hemp ropes were used on ships for explorers to discover the seven oceans and even for the original drafts of Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence was actually written on hemp-paper.

It was because hemp contains THC (the substance which makes you high), that it was lumped in with marijuana. For years, hemp was illegal despite its low THC content.

We are now seeing hemp with a whole new perspective. Laws on hemp are always changing and this plant has made a remarkable comeback, worthy of an 80s movie.

What is the buzz all about? CBD and sustainability are two words.

If Mother Nature was to choose a child as her favorite, it would probably be hemp. This plant looks a lot like a green superhero. This plant requires very little water. (Take that, cotton!) It’s organic and doesn’t use any pesticides. It can even clean up dirty dirt. Plus, the plant grows faster than mine – which is quite impressive.

CBD? Oh, my! There’s CBD everywhere. In coffee shops and in Facebook posts by your aunts, who talk about how CBD helps her sleep better or cures back pain. Many people claim that CBD has a calming affect without them going to the Moon.

It can be difficult to navigate the green wave. With laws as confusing as the holiday lights of last year, it can be difficult to determine what is right or wrong. For everyone on board — from hipsters to grandmas — figuring out how to solve a Rubik‚Äôs cube blindfolded can be challenging.

Imagine that an entire aisle of your local store is dedicated to hemp products. Hemp is also used in the production of oils, creams snack bars and socks. You decide to use CBD oil for your knee pain. Pause…Is it legal? What if I use it?

You can’t get me to start on the idea of growing it myself. You dream of your sustainable paradise and plant seeds. Then, the government is knocking at your door. Karen next-door thinks that you are creating a “drug empire.”

Hemp marijuana is a hot topic, but not because of the reasons that you may think. We can save our environment by recycling T-shirts, or we can keep our insides smoother after drinking prune juice.

Our eco sneakers are on, and we’re ready to investigate this mysterious leafy cannabis plant. If life throws you lemons, perhaps add CBD?

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