Couples and family therapy: the rollercoaster ride

You’ll be thrown into the confusing, messy world of couples and family therapy. You’ll be happier for it.

Family counselling is not about sitting around in circles and airing dirty clothes while someone takes notes. It’s more like playing a detective game where everyone is a detective. Continue reading to discover more about our initiatives.

Couples counselling? Oh boy, another rollercoaster.

It’s a great thing that the therapies reveal “family lore”, the stories that couples or families tell each other. They can be positive, like “We survived,” but can also hold people back. Therapy is when someone says “Hey!” You might want to consider looking at it in a new way. “These chains start to unravel.

You can imagine it as having a cup of coffee with an old friend you trust who will not tell you your secrets.

Today’s therapy has evolved. There are no longer only couches and tissues. Instead of focusing on the past, you can now focus (literally!) on the future. Just like fixing a leaky tap without worrying about the cause.

The importance of culture in therapy. Sunday dinners don’t have to be about food. Sunday dinners help her maintain a strong relationship between generations.

You can also stay at home, unless absolutely necessary. It is ideal for those times when you feel it impossible to climb Mount Everest while wearing real pants.

Relationships matter. Relationships can be challenging, but rewarding.

It’s not a sign of failure if you decide to go to therapy. You are showing your willingness to work and fight for a good outcome. You can choose to say “Yes!” ” “Yes!” “Yes!”

It’s important to know the difference between couples and family therapy.

We are looking forward to a smoother ride!