The 5 Steps to a Successful Construction Project

Construction. Building and making sure the plans are followed isn’t all there is to construction going here. You should know many things about construction.

Five primary phases are involved in the construction of any project. You must follow certain phases if your construction is to be a success. These are the basic steps that go into a construction project. The contractor is responsible for certain stages you may have not known or are unaware of. If these stages are not followed, the entire construction will fail.

1) The Design Phase

This is the stage where the initial design of the project takes shape. The client will approve the plan at this stage. It is important to adjust everything to meet the client’s requirements and preferences. You might think when the construction company is hired that they start building immediately. But it’s not that simple. They should make sure the design for the project has been drawn and that everybody understands the project.

2. Preliminary phase of construction

This is not the beginning of construction. It’s the pre-construction phase. The site is tested for suitability to this type of construction project. If the soil conditions are right and if plans are adapted to pre-construction findings. At a preconstruction stage, you will encounter agreement administrator and project manager. Also, there are chief inspectors, OHS managers, construction engineers, etc. It is impossible to continue this stage if anyone of these persons are absent. In this stage, a geotechnical firm performs extensive soil testing to determine if the soil is viable and how its effects will be on the structural loads. Site investigation, mapping and comprehensive construction inspections are all conducted during this phase. The results of the rigorous geotechnical test carried out by a geotechnical engineer company will influence the strength of reinforcement and concrete that is used for the project design.

3) The material acquisition phase

It is at this stage that the building materials ordered are delivered to the correct person. The people signing for and receiving the building materials will be normal, everyday people. The calculations are done here so they know how much to buy from the lowest price. The materials should arrive in separate batches. You should ensure that the material arrives in the same state as when it was used by contractors. It should be neat and clean.

4) Phase 4: Construction

Now, you can start building. The construction phase. When the building construction begins. It is also where contractors are required to meet deadlines. This is the part we all understand. This is the part that we all know. Where the material has been delivered and is being used for construction. Where the construction inspections take place to ensure that it is being done at the highest possible level.

5.After-building phase

This is the final check, the transfer of ownership to the new owner and the cleanup of all debris and construction materials.

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