The Art and Heart of Political Advocacy

Political advocacy Try teaching a squid or octopus how to dance.

Let’s first talk about lobbying. Do not be so snoozy. To me, “lobbying”, is as exciting as watching the paint drying. Imagine whispering sweet messages into the ear a person who is in a position to break rules or create them. You’ve got charm and facts (hopefully a lot more facts than charming) as well as stories to melt even the coldest hearts. It’s lobbying. You must make friends with high-ranking people and convince them to learn your dance. To learn more, go to my site.

There are also grassroots movements. Imagine yourself and a few of your neighbors saying enough is good. You might have a concern about climate change. Or perhaps you have a concern that is more personal, such as a need for a stop sign at an intersection. What will you be doing? You start by knocking at the doors of neighbors, gathering friends on Facebook or organizing some rallies. Before you know it, you’ve got a small army ready to help.

The Wild West of Social Media Campaigns This is when things get hot. Hashtags spread more quickly than insults during a family reunion. Tweets are more popular than gossips on fences in backyards. You’d never believe that a person sitting in pajamas on the other side of the world can click a button to support a local cause.

The way forward is to use storytelling! The best way to get people to listen is to tell them a story.

How can we determine if the noise and hullabaloo are actually achieving anything? It’s often not clear-cut but can be when there are new laws passed or funds raised to support a particular cause.

The road to success is not always smooth. Getting people to look beyond what they have for dinner is not always easy.

What can you then do to move forward without losing the marbles? You need to have a flexible mindset – if plan A isn’t working out, you must be able to switch gears.

It can be frustrating, messy and exhilarating to work in political advocacy. It is not a job for the faint-hearted or those who have an allergy to the metaphorical “octopus” stains on their clothing caused by all those dancing instructions. Straight talk between two people. Time to get rid of your nasal dreams. Now is the time to make your sailing more comfortable.

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