The Costs of Outsourcing Online Education

Let’s get right into the pool without any floaties. You’ve likely heard people pay others to do their online courses or homework. You’re right, it does exist – and is quite common. We should try to put ourselves in the shoes of others before pointing fingers or gasping with horror. Find out more.

Imagine you are trying to balance two jobs and a pet Chinchilla. In the middle of all that, you decide to enroll in an online class. Why not? It’s not like life is already chaotic. Suddenly you are faced with a slew of deadlines, and you have to complete assignments on subjects that you find fascinating. The temptation whispers sweet things in your ear. “Just pay someone else to complete it.” Everyone does it.”

This is where the plot gets thicker – if you use this shortcut, it may feel like pressing the fast-forward on your problems. However, it would be more like skipping an entire movie before joining in conversations about how wonderful it was.

First of all, education doesn’t mean collecting degrees like Pokemon Cards. It’s about filling the brain with as much knowledge as possible, in a healthy way. If you don’t do your work you will miss out learning valuable information that could change your life.

Another issue is honesty. When you ask someone else do your work for you, you are wearing a disguise – and not the cool kind of mask that makes you look like a superhero, but the kind which will haunt you, because deep inside you know these achievements aren’t actually yours.

I won’t go into what happens if this is done by everyone. What would happen? We’d get a bunch of professionals as clueless and dumb as a deer in the headlights when they are asked to apply what they have learned.

You may be saying “but wait!” Doesn’t it just highlight the flaws of our education system?” That’s true, I’ll admit. Perhaps it’s time to take a look at how schools are teaching and why they feel so little of what is taught has any relevance.

What if courses felt more epic than the usual snoozefest lectures? What if rather than memorizing facts as fast as a goldfish (which, by the way, happens every three seconds), we focused more on real world skills?

When we finish this short chat (yeah I know, no formalities are required but just bear with me), please think twice before you give your login details or your hard-earned cash over to someone else. In addition to missing out on opportunities for personal growth, you are also contributing towards a larger issue within our educational system.

Remember that shortcuts are tempting, but the most effective way to educate yourself is through the scenic route. Also, wouldn’t you rather know what your talking about during dinner parties than just nodding along while hoping that nobody will ask for your opinion instead? Just food to think.

The next time you consider handing over login details and cash for an A+ remember that education is not just about grades. It’s about becoming the best version of you – even if it takes a long time. You will be right in front of the memories you are about to make.

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