The Fundamental Laws of Fort Lauderdale DUI Penalties and Fines

Fort Lauderdale DUI is based on the Washington DUI Law and applies the same penalty for DUI convictions. There are a number of things to consider when someone is detained or sentenced for DUI in Fort Lauderdale. What if I am required to spend the time in jail? How long can I stay in jail? Are there opportunities for the possibility of probation? What is the penalty? My license will be removed? If yes, for the length of time? They are among the most common questions that every Fort Lauderdale DUI attorney faces all day long from inexperienced and ignorant clients. More bonuses?

Washington DUI penalties and fines for Fort Lauderdale and Washington are built on the following law and facts:

First Washington DUI Offense (Fort Lauderdale DUI offence)

Jail: for Fist offense no less than one days nor more than one year of prison. The court is able to be able to suspend or delay the punishment when it determines that the punishment entails grave risk to an person’s mental or physical well-being. In that situation, the judge may require the installation of an EHM, also known as an Electronic Home Monitoring Device (an alcohol detection breathalyzer may also be included) for the cost of the person who is in prison for fifteen days.

A high BAC is punishable in not less than two days nor more than one year in prison. Imprisonment may be deferred or suspended in the event that the court finds out that it a y cause a substantial risk for the mental or physical wellbeing of the offender. The court is able to order the installation of one of the devices called an EHM (Electric Home Monitoring Device) or alcohol breathalyzer, at costs borne by the defendant up to 15 days.

The costs of fines

The BAC per se is not more than $5,500 and not less than $350.

High Blood Alcohol Content or refusing to take the test: Not more than $5,000, nor more than 500.

Additional one-time fee of $125 will be charged to anyone who is convicted or given deferred prosecution in the event of arrest or sentenced to a comparatively lower sentence. The money is donated to the Washington State Toxicology Laboratory.

Additional $500 will be due to the victim. 60% of the fines are used to support education and safety programs.

License Suspension

The first time you have a BAC, per se three months

First offenders High BAC or refusal of test: 1 an year of 12 or more months

Zero Tolerance Law Infraction:

90 day suspension

Conditional License:

First time offenders are permitted to hold a conditional license only when they have completed their

They have completed their mandatory suspension time.

Fort Lauderdale DUI (second Washington DUI)

Jail: jail time – minimum 30 days and maximum of one year. 60 days of home monitoring.

The cost of fines

– Second offence (when BAC is less than .15): minimum $500, maximum $5,000.

2. Second offence (when BAC is at least .15) Amount: Minimum of $750; maximum of $5,000.

For additional offences, the charges are the same as those charged in the initial instance.

License Suspension:

2. Second Offense BAC Per Se two years or 24 months

If you don’t the test, or if you have a higher BAC than 90 days of jail is the maximum punishment.

Infractions of the Zero Tolerance Law:

One year, or until offenders age is 21, 1 year or until the offenders age is 21.

Conditions of License

For 2nd time offenders no conditional licensing is permitted.

But probation or community service is allowed to DUI evicted individuals only by the discretion of the court. This applies to both the first and second Fort Lauderdale DUI offenses.

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