There Are Many Types Of Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic surgery is the medical field that deals with the restoration and correction of function and shape. Although cosmetic or cosmetic surgeries is the most common, there are many others – visit us. Plastic surgery is a broad term that includes reconstructive and hand surgeries.

Reconstructive surgery is performed to correct functional defects that are caused by burns. While reconstructive surgery for cosmetic purposes is most commonly performed to improve function, the procedure can also serve to give a more healthy-looking appearance.

The following are the most common: Breast reduction, Hand surgery (reconstruction), Laceration and Scar repair. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported that breast reconstructions in women rose by 2 percent between 2006 and 2007. The breast reduction rate for men increased 7 % in 2007. Reconstructive breast surgery following mastectomy, cleft repair or reconstructive breast surgery can be included in these procedures.

Microsurgery is used by plastic surgeons to replace tissue that does not exist. The body can provide a flap of free skin or muscle. This is then connected to the new blood supply and moved to an alternative part of the body.

Cosmetic surgery

The goal of aesthetic cosmetic surgery is to improve the appearance through medical and surgical methods.

Even though the media, advertising, and other types of influence are a major part of people’s lives, psychologists think that addiction to plastic surgery is linked closely with psychological disorders. It’s believed those suffering from body dysmorphic disorders are more likely than others to become obsessed with undergoing plastic surgery.

BDD occurs when someone is preoccupied with defects they see on their faces and bodies. Body Dysmorphic Disorder is a disorder that affects about 2% Americans. About 15% of them visit dermatologists, and some even plastic surgeons. Suicide can be a result of some body dysmorphic disorders. The majority of BDD patients who undergo cosmetic surgery are not happy with the results. BDD doesn’t respond to surgery. The condition could actually worsen. The treatment becomes even more complicated because it is difficult to pinpoint the problem. Other people say it is depression. It could be anorexia, muscle dysmorphia and other conditions depending on what the patient is feeling.

Plastic surgery includes repairing and reconstructing defects that affect the external organs or skin. This can be a physical defect, such as a deformity or function. In order to maximize both the aesthetic appearance of the patient as well as the result from reconstructive surgeries, a plastic surgeon uses aesthetic surgical principles. A high degree of surgical expertise is required in plastic surgery to design and place tissue grafts.

In essence, there are two types of plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is divided into two categories: Cosmetic surgery, and reconstructive surgical procedures. Cosmetic surgery involves only cosmetic corrections and no real trauma or physical deformities. The reconstructive surgeon can correct any abnormality, such as a physical deformity, congenital conditions, diseases, or trauma. Ofttimes, reconstruction surgeries are not just about the look of an object, but also correcting any defects or abnormalities in its functionality.

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