There are several types of English Language

After Chinese and Hindi the English language is the most widely spoken language in the entire world find out more. This is due in part to the British Empire’s colonization and economic and political dominance over the USA during the 20th century.

English is the international language for culture, business, diplomacy, and science. It is also one six official UN languages. English is a global language that can be used many different ways – whether it’s written or spoken. The two main types are British English and American English. Oxford English or Standard English is just an adaptation of the main two types.

British English

British English, as used by Americans, is a term that refers to English variations outside of the United States and the UK. Americans use the term “British English” to differentiate between British written English and other variations. Commonwealth English is a more widely used term. British English, the official written form in Britain, is what you’ll find on a formal document. The language has localized words but is still consistent.

British English, as used by Americans, is the term used to refer to English spoken in England. But, they claim to be the only ones that speak the “real English”, while the rest have accents and dialects. The UK is home to many dialects, variations, and variants. Particularly in some parts of England, there is a mixture of languages spoken. A certain dialect is spoken by one group, while another group speaks their own language. There are differences between the languages spoken in Wales Scotland and Northern Ireland.

American English

American English, also known as US English, is the most common form of English in today’s world. The language has many archaisms. They are words that were changed in Britain and still have the same meaning in colonies. It has an innovative vocabulary, derived from the French and Spanish immigrants in North America. USA’s popularity, especially through music, movies and books, has led to its wide spread.

American English and regional variants of it have not just persisted but also intensified in America. These differences have roots in the languages and dialects of immigrant groups, especially when it is about pronunciation and vocabulary. English is a first language for South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, but it’s a secondary language in Pakistan and India as well as Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, the Philippines and Bangladesh. India, Australia, Singapore and other countries teach British English. South Africa and Hong Kong both use it.

Other countries have sub-varieties or varieties of English. There’s no “correct” or a “wrong” variety. It depends on your audience. In contrast, the spoken form is a combination of dialects. This includes variations of pronunciation, vocabulary or idioms. You should stick to one kind of English, whether American or British. It will help to ensure quality, clarity and consistency. Individuals can decide to use or not to use a specific type of English.

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