Things To Know About Self Storage Facilities

Self-storage business is expanding in many cities worldwide more bonuses. Self storage facilities can be a good solution to the problem of limited space, particularly in metropolitan areas. 58,000 self-storage units are currently in existence around the globe. Most, or 52,000, are located in the U.S. An estimated 1.6billion square feet of space is available for rent in the U.S. In Australia, 22 million square meters of rentable space are available, while the U.K. has 20 million.

These facilities are also known as self-service storage and mini storage. People rent these facilities out for a specified period of time to preserve their stocks or valuable items. People and families who live in apartments have limited space for their large appliances. Even small businesses may not have enough room to keep inventory or documents. Self-storage facilities are an option for both of these situations.

These rental units are smaller than traditional warehouses, which are large and can hold large quantities of items. There are many sizes available, with the minimum being 5′ x 5. Clients can choose between an enclosed or open unit, depending on the items they wish to store. Owners may choose to store their vehicles in either a container or tent type of self storage.

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