Top Five Tips For Home Energy-Efficiency

The debate about climate change continues, but no matter what your views, everyone can agree on the fact that reducing energy waste and minimizing its impact is good for the environment. Maybe it is time to review your home energy consumption. There are literally hundreds upon steps you can take. It is easy to get overwhelmed. This Tip Five checklist will help you get started. You can see for more information.

Take a look at your laundry habits. On average, 400 loads of laundry are done per year in the United States. It takes 43 gallons to wash a full load. Furthermore, 90 percent is spent heating the water. It is a good idea to consolidate the laundry of your family and use cold water as much as you can for wash and rinse cycles. Clothes dryers can drain a lot of energy. How about using line drying instead? Your clothes will last longer and be fresher.

Fridge facts. 18% of the household’s electricity goes toward keeping the refrigerator in operation. The fridge can be kept cool by keeping the coils clean. Also, the refrigerator should be moved four to eight inches from the wall in order to prevent overheating. If your unit is older then 10 years, you should consider upgrading to a more energy efficient model.

Check for leaks. You could be losing hot or cool air due to leakage. You can increase insulation, shut off the flue and install weather stripping. These are small changes that can help reduce your monthly energy bills. It will also make you feel great about ending the wasteful lifestyle.

Showerheads: The installation of a high efficiency shower head is very inexpensive and can save households approximately 7,800 Gallons of water each year. A shower head with a lower flow can save up to 44 gallons. It’s about half the amount of water that is used in a conventional head.

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