Tracking Fragrance Footprints from Epochs to Eeras

Few companies have navigated the delicate line between traditionalism and innovation in men’s fragrance as well as ESNC Perfumery. These scents aren’t just scents. They also contain emotions and tales from various eras – visit us!

Vintage Valor will take you back to your roots. The fragrance is a tribute to the classics. It transports you back in time to when men would wear double-breasted suits with hats on a daily basis. The fragrance captures the classic elegance with a base of robust tobacco and sandalwood, enhanced by the sophisticated bergamot.

Retro Rhapsody takes us back a couple of decades. Groove is the theme of this tribute to the 70s and 1980s. Citrus undertones and vibrant notes of patchouli combine to create a scent that embodies the rebellious spirit of this era. The scent is for those who have a twinkle of an eye and a rhythmic soul.

ESNC’s “Millennial Mystique,” a tribute of sorts to those who are driving the digital age, was launched as we entered the new century. The blend is as unique as the digital age it represents. It combines fresh aqua notes with bursts spicy pepper, and ends with a warm base of amber. The perfect scent for the modern man, who is equally at home with the classics and the newest tech gadgets.

Now, “Futuristic Flair”, as the name indicates, isn’t just a scent; it’s vision. ESNC is always pushing boundaries, with futuristic elements, such as metallics and ozone. There’s even a touch of virtual reality in there (don’t ask how). The forward-thinkers who look to the future, and are never behind, will love this.

It’s like embarking on a voyage through time when you browse ESNC Perfumery. They’ve captured the essence of all epochs in their perfumes, including the 20s, the 2000s, and the glimpses into the future.

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