Web Hosting: Windows or Linux, which Hosting Platform You Decide?

In deciding on web hosting for a website One of the primary queries that needs to be asked is about the selection of the operating system used by the server. There are a variety of operating systems to choose from, but there are two major one for web servers: Windows as well as Linux – more bonuses?

The two operating systems are the most well-known and well-known. Almost all web hosting companies offers two operating platforms.

Each of these platforms has its merits, but each one comes with many advantages as well as drawbacks. Linux is open-source. Windows isn’t. Both have supporters and equally huge amount of people who criticize them.

It is essential to assess the requirements of your business and not only your own feelings while choosing among the two options. Before you make any choice about the web host it is important to consider the following aspects.

What platform was your application built on? That is the initial question. If the website or application created using .Net or another Microsoft technology, this would mean that you will need to run a Windows-based web hosting. Certain technologies work with both operating systems however, sometimes the platform used by the program will require you to the identical web hosting system. A lot of websites utilize databases. Windows Server is required when you’re using MS SQL Server.

So this decision has to be taken even before the request has been completed or else the process of moving a website can cause a massive hassle!

2.) Security: A website that sells online must be safe. Any website that is storing sensitive financial or other personal data must be protected. Linux is perceived as more secure as compared to windows hosting websites. Windows contains numerous security vulnerabilities (which are quickly fixed) which security experts and hackers often take advantage of. There is a consensus that security for servers depends on the quality of the administration is. The security of a Windows server is secure in the hands of a proactive and knowledgeable administrator.

Linux Servers are less expensive than Windows Server because Linux is free. Linux might be less expensive, but it doesn’t mean that it is anything less efficient than windows servers. Windows On the other aspect, is a premium service. This means extra costs. For a website owner this difference in price isn’t much of a difference. The slight difference in the cost of hosting doesn’t alter the odds to Linux’s advantage in a significant way.

4.) The Linux Operating System has a very steep Learning Curve. Learn Linux for someone who uses a desktop OS could be a nightmare. However, if you opt for Linux web hosting provider, then you need not worry about the process. There is a web-based application which will let you interface with the server seamlessly. These applications will allow users to accomplish almost any task such as FTP as well as database management. They are extremely useful.

Like you might have guessed There aren’t any clear winners in this eternal battle between two formidable foes. Only the platform used by the app is an important factor. Apart from that, your personal preference will dictate your choice.

Whichever hosting platform you choose, the only thing that will matter is only a well known trustworthy, reliable, and reputable hosting company that provides the least possible downtime, good bandwidth and quick assistance.

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