What You May Not Know About BHPH

Dealerships who offer “buy-here, pay-here” (BHPH), finance are operating since a long while and provide buyers with an alternative financing option. But did you also know some shocking facts about dealerships that offer buy here pay there in miami? Buckle up, and prepare to be surprised by some surprising facts regarding BHPH – check this out.

BHPH Dealerships offer much more than automobiles.

BHPH Dealerships, although mainly known as car dealerships, also offer many other services including maintenance and repair. Some dealerships even rent out vehicles for their customers to make it easier to get around while the car is being repaired.

2: BHPH Dealers can help establish your credit.

A BHPH Dealer can establish your credit if you are a new customer or have no history of credit. They will report all payments made to the credit bureaus. The BHPH dealership can help you establish credit if your history is poor or non-existent by reporting payments to the credit bureaus.

The BHPH dealer has their own financing firm.

BHPHs often own their financing companies, unlike conventional auto dealers. In turn, this allows them to offer financing solutions for clients that may not have been eligible for conventional loans.

BHPH Dealers renovate their stock.

Contrary what some people believe, BHPH does not sell vehicles “as they are.” BHPH showrooms often refurbish vehicles before putting it on the market. It means that cars are cleaned and repaired to be in good working order.

5: BHPH is often owned and operated by families.

BHPH is dominated by small family businesses. In turn, this allows them to offer individualized customer care and establish long-lasting relations with their clients.

6: BHPH has a high retention rate for clients.

BHPH dealerships enjoy a high retention rate due to their willingness to offer finance for clients who may not have been eligible for conventional financing. The dealership is more likely to be recommended to family members and friends, and customers will return again for further transactions.

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