Why do we have to spend so much money on expensive BBQ Grills

Manufacturers of BBQ grills will not make an gas or charcoal grill with a nice look – more hints. They shouldn’t, since it’s all they have to offer apart from an affordable BBQ grill price. It’s possible to curb appeal, which is fantastic, however, you must take the lid off to inspect the important parts, including the cooking grids, the burners and the mechanism between grids and burners. Also, take a look at the material of the BBQ’s interior. The majority of gas grills will have the stainless steel or cast grids. However, grids made of porcelain tend to rust, and eventually become unusable.

Cast iron grids require some additional maintenance such as the seasoning process and keeping them oily but they retain cooking heat and sear meat better than any other grids. The stainless steel grid is the most robust and durable, as well as easy to keep clean while leaving lovely sear marks. The burners are the most essential element of a barbecue, so make sure you carry a magnetic marker to verify if your burners are made from steel. A magnet should stick to the burner but don’t count on it to last beyond one season. They’ll begin to rust rapidly from heat, salts, and grease.

Some cast iron burners work acceptable if they are made of high-quality iron. However, the burner ports need to be cleaned out every so often as cast iron can get rusty and cause the port to stop gas from passing through leading to lower temperatures and hot spots in the grilling area. A majority of BBQ grills utilize stainless steel tube burners. They are able to last for 7 to 10 years if made from high-quality stainless steel, 304. The most reliable is a casting stainless steel burner, which is available inside Fire Magic Grills and a few other brands.

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