Year-Round Carpet Glow: Making Your Flooring Investment Shine

By investing in a beautiful, plush carpet for your floors, you elevate the aura of your entire living area. Although hiring professional services for carpet cleaning on the north shore can be a great start, you’ll need to put in a bit more effort to keep your freshly cleaned carpets looking that way throughout the whole year. Discover these tried and true strategies that will keep your carpets looking clean, inviting, and pristine no matter what the season. Take a tour.

1. Daily Vacuuming – The Magic of It:

Sound a little excessive? This is a huge game changer. The daily vacuuming will remove dirt, dust and other particles before they can penetrate the carpet. The carpet will not only look better, but its life expectancy is also extended.

2. Welcome Mats Can Be More Than Just Decoration

Placing mats strategically in front of each door can reduce the dirt that is tracked inside your house. Double up those mats, placing one on the outside of each door and another inside.

3. Your carpet will be saved if you rotate your furniture.

Do you see the worn, flat patches of carpet under your furniture’s legs? You can reduce wear to carpets and furniture by periodically moving the furniture.

4. Spill? The key to speed is:

It is important to act quickly after a spill. The sooner you respond, the greater your chance of not getting a stain. Blot the spill, but do not scrub it, as this will damage carpet fibers.

5. Professional cleaning:

Even with the best care, a deep professional cleaning is recommended every 6-12 month. This deep-cleaning tackles embedded dirt that vacuuming alone might not reach.

6. Do not use DIY Carpet shampoos

DIY can be very appealing, but some carpet cleaners may leave behind residue that will attract dirt. You should always rinse the carpet thoroughly after shampooing it at home.

7. No Shoes Policy

By implementing a rule that says no shoes inside, you can reduce dirt and grime from getting onto your carpet. It’s so cozy to wear socks and slippers around the house!

8. Sunlight Fade Warning:

If exposed to direct sun for a long time, carpet colors may fade. Protect your carpet with blinds, drapes or shades to block out those UV rays.

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